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LEST WE FORGET FRIDAY NOVEMBER 11, 2011 2010 WINNER Connect Yourself News, events, contests A B B O T S F O R D myabbynews REMEMBRANCE DAY NOV. 11 85¢ +HST Online all the time. In print Tuesday, Thursday & Friday ‘No glory in war’ VERGE OF STARDOM UFV hoopsters Aieisha Luyken and Joel Friesen are primed for big seasons A26-27 Pilot remembers the home casualties of World War II Melissa WELSH Abbotsford News Donald Stevenson is humble about his role in the Second World War. He shakes his head as he recalls the stories of other veterans, and sighs deeply. A pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Stevenson mentions how men had to escape burning aircraft, parachuting to supposed safety, only to be captured in enemy lands. He modestly states he didn’t do that. Stevenson, like thousands of other trained pilots, never went overseas. After receiving his certification in 1943, the Kingston, Ontario native was sent with two other men to a training station in Dauphin, Manitoba. There, he flew planes while students learned how to drop bombs, navigate, or become “wireless air gunners” in the back of his aircraft. Every six months Stevenson hoped that he would be sent to Europe. “It was sort of incumbent on us, that this was our duty, that we have to go help Britain defeat the Germans as they did in the First World War,” Stevenson said. “But we didn’t realize what getting overseas would lead to.” Nine thousand Royal Canadian Air Force personnel were killed during World War II. Continued on A5 EDUCATION HOPEFULS School trustee candidates debate local issues A5 OPERATION VIGILANCE Police kick off program encouraging community involvement A13 MELISSA WELSH Abbotsford News Donald Stevenson of Abbotsford is the master of ceremonies at this year’s Remembrance Day ceremonies, taking place Nov. 11 at the cenotaph in Abbotsford. A pilot who trained air force personnel in Canada, Stevenson did not see overseas action in World War II, however, he still deeply felt its impact at home. Test Drive the ALL NEW 2012 MAZDA3 SKYACTIV Did you know? The SKYACTIV-G engine and SKYACTIV-Drive automatic transmission, when paired in a Mazda3 sedan, will deliver 4.9L / 100km highway Introductory numbers that our customers have been asking for. M&Ms chocolate stands for the initials of its inventors, Mars & Murrie finance rate of 604.857.1600 DL# 8166 Letters A9 Sports A26 Viewpoint A8 Classifieds A32 Slice of Life A18 Experience the VIP treatment We’re at The Auto Mall 00.9% Visit us @ k

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