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A Calendar for Animals Helping animals and the Earth every day of the month Sunday Monday Tuesday Photos by Veer No matter how large or small, we can all do something to help animals every day. Use this calendar for ideas and inspiration, and then share it with a friend! Wednesday Veggie all the way – no more fish Thursday Save H2O – turn water off when brushing teeth Get Lucky’s dog license Treat the Smiths – Vegan Goodies @ 7pm Buy e-saving light bulbs Save H20 – 5 min showers PU dissection alternatives from Animalearn Meet w/ Janie’s teacher about using alternatives @ 4 pm PU humane traps for feral alley cats 10 doz vegan cookies to homeless shelter Lucky to vet for spay @ 8am Buy cruelty-free cleaners for spring cleaning Attend circus protest @ 6pm Meeting w/ Rep Dent – ban Class B dealers Documentary on elephants @ 7:30 pm, channel 12 PU shampoo/ conditioner – look for Leaping Bunny Hybrid car from factory! PU @ 5:30 pm Old blankets to shelter Cooking with Karen – try new vegan recipes (See Approach to Activism, pg 12) Volunteer – walk dogs @ shelter Set up recycle bins Friday Vegan cupcakes to work Keep Kitty inside – set up window perch Book club – Animal Liberation @ 7 pm Leaping Bunny shop guides to co-op (See Power of One, pg 9) Saturday Buy bath for neighborhood birds Visit cow sanctuary w/ kids Drop old AV Mags @ library Take kids to walking path – bird watching Renew AAVS membership! AV Magazine   19

AV Magazine Issue 1 2010

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