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Class B Dealers Selling Innocent Lives By Vicki Katrinak In 2009, AAVS’s education department Animalearn released its “Dying to Learn” report, which exposed the use of random source Class B dealers to obtain dogs and cats for education. The report included details on animal welfare violations committed by the dealers, as well as the numbers of animals they sold and their yearly profits. Since then, AAVS has continued to monitor these animal dealers, and their numbers are dwindling. Momentum is now on our side, and it is time to shut down all random source Class B dealers, forever. DEALER ANIMALS SOLD 2005-2008 SALES INCOME 2005-2008 C&C Kennels O UT O F B U S I N E S S 2012 Cheri-Hill Kennel O UT O F B U S I N E S S 2011 Chestnut Grove Kennels, Inc. O UT O F B U S I N E S S 2011 D&M Resources1 AWA VIOLATIONS 2008-2013 N/A N/A 0 Hodgins Kennels, Inc. 4,464 $965,534 2 Kenneth Schroeder 1,621 $233,275 30 LBL Kennels C O NVE RTE D TO C LAS S A D EALE R Mountain Top Kennels R&R Research* O UT O F B U S I N E S S 2 0 0 9 2,444 $727,097 13 *On July 18, 2012, USDA filed a complaint alleging that R&R illegally acquired four dogs and one cat. Robert Perry 1,205 Schachtele Auction Service Whale Branch Animal Service, Inc.2 $304,874 20 O UT O F B U S I N E S S 2011 67 $36,850 7 Includes animals sold for education, research, and testing. 1 2 Business not open until 2010 Animal sales for 2006-2007 AV MAGAZINE   15

AV Magazine Issue 1-3 2013

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