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a: Ul -~--~---,~.-~~-- ~ 'Z" " Ul Z fo- .">- s 0: Z Ul l: -0:f0Ul o Ul l: fo- Diplomat Bri1 Arthur Collingsworth, 15, Tecumseh, in Ohio and lar Michigan to take advantage of trade and in- pri dustrial expansion in Brazil. As head -of the Po Mich., persuades junior branch businessmen of the Brazilian (ri Government filr Trade Bureau in those states, he runs films, answers queries, gives lectures. tra To get his job he (1) learned about Brazil (2) bombard- An ed its President and Ambassador with letters boc Free riders Bob Smelick (left) and David Burns, both 17, from Phoenix, Ariz., hitchhiked seven thousand miles in a month. They "thumbed" to a meeting of the National Association of Student Councils in Pittsburgh- and back, went sight-seeing, spent only $200. In exchange for room and board, they did odd jobs. The oddest: 176 pitching ten tons of hay

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