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Flags Exchanged At Vietnamese Embassy A strong interest in politics and foreign affairs led University student Arthur Collingsworth (third from left) into study of Viet Nam and a subsequent visit to the country. Earlier this fall the founder of the campus-based Conference 011 Viet Nam Steering Committee attended the National Symposium on Viet Nam in Washington, where be was among a contingent visiting the South Vietnamese Embassy to exchange flags between the two countries. With him are (from left) Jay Parsons of Johns Hopkins University; Jolynn "Capo, a Michigan State University graduate student; Deputy Ambassador Anh; and Chon Wong, a counselor at the embassy. Student Fills Frustration Vacuum With Trips, Speeches, Debates -" By Virginia Westover in our country fail to realize is [they lack the communications "We hope to contact the U-M "Students today have a great that .there are 36 cou?tries no~ system whic~ the!~? world fraternities, sororities, service ~}:!!!l'2 to iunnel their efforts into sen~mg troops t,O VIet N a~, has; he pointed o~t;- T ~ ,e y groups and _the like' and get somettimg constructive, They re eoittrrgsworttr said. M-atia,+?on t .. ~ na-,B{k Ve.4.!Uu" 'em lirteTeSten-:-fw' adopting a exp~riencing a ,v~cuum of f~s- New Zealand and South Kor~a It~~ VISIOn. , Viet Nam orphan, . . tration, and activism, often mIS- have ~ore men ~ver there. III Some areas are v~allY yn.· Collingsworth also expressed guided, offers to fill this void." proportion their population touched ?y ~?e war,') Colling- hope that a national conference The speaker is Arthur J. Col· than we do, wor,th -s~Id. Hue, the ancle~t on Viet Nam will be held here lingsworth a 21-year-old Uni- He also said that "student capital, . IS" one example. Per next semester. The Chi c ago versity poiitical science major leaders in Hue and Saigon look haps -this IS be c au s e of thr- Daily News and the Marshall who probably is an exception ul?on the U.S. inter~st, and ~ffort sa,cred attachment the.p e 0 p IfF i e 1 d Foundation have examong students _ and among WIth hope and optimism. they still h?ld towards th~ CIty. . pressed interest in backing such many Americans _ w hen it relize that only if South Viet Collingsworth belIe,ves ~ hat a conference, comes to "filling the vacuum.'} Nam can determine her des- one of th~ co~nt~y s biggest --"----~-~=====---' , ,. tiny -wi]l there be a good future problems. IS bridging the gap ThIS peripatetic young m.a n for her." between the educated, you n g , from Tecumseh IS a firm believ, elite and the country peasant. er .in rounding out education .Chotllmgsw.ho,rthatttsen.ded anhallBecause' of this he calls the with practical experience. rug te~c -m a argon were South Viet Nam floods earlier a resolution was adopted to send hi blessi di , Wh ere h as thiIS Ie d him? rm. th f t So th Viet Nam stu- t IS year a essmg m isguise, To Viet Nam and to Brazil. de~t ~:~e af~n abroad "The students developed. a To the debating floor and the The de1e~ation visited Ann real sense of the country's probsp~aker's. forum, To the cam- Arbor last Frida. lems when the fl,oods c am e. paign office and the conference "I was mor/.free to travel They ?eglln w:orkmg as volunroom., , than I thought I would be ii, teers I~ the. villages, and the Collingsworth IS the, founder Viet Nam " Arthur said, "so I country s. N a t 1 o-n a I Volunof lh~ Conferen~e on Vl,eti Nam made the ~ost of this." te~,r Services developed." Steering Comm,Ittee whl~h was One of the most impressive Th~ r~~ponse was, o,~ e ~formed last spring following !he things he said he came across whelming, Arthur said. ThIS campus "teach-in," and WhICh was near Da Nan A nearb summer alone there were 5,000 t r~cently gathered together 2;057 village of some 20,~OOVietnarI participating as volu':!teers, The I signatures s.upportmg the U,S, ese has been re-developed by students helped rebuild f 10'0 d policy m, VIet Nam and sent Marines assi ned to the area, ravaged ,areas, a~ well as ~sthem to the State Department. "The men g volunteered to re- sisting WI~~ teaching and SOCial Pr~f: Jame,s K. Pollock of t~e build. to teach and assist in prob~en:s. .' . political sClenc~ department IS com~unity projects. All t his T~ls Isn't ~he ,fIrst tI~e that the group's adviser. was done on their s are time, C.ollulgsw?rth s interest I~ forAs a result of th~ local efforts, It's made an amazing differ- ergn affairs has taken him to he ?-ttended the Viet Nam Con- an".. in th.. ~r••~" h.. ~dil••d another l",a""n",d ••, ,__ " ~? 1"-'

Student Fills...vacuum with trips, speechs, debates

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