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Seasonal Guides of Ohio

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NATURE TRAILS Golf Course & Banquet Center

FREE CART FRIDAY’S ALL DAY a n d S a t . & S u n . a f t e r 3 P. M . With Purchase of Green Fee Not good for outings, leagues or special events

ONE O NE DOLLAR DOLLAR DAYS DAYS $ Golf Carts.. Golf Carts.. Mon., Tues. & Thurs.



*Until 12 Noon, must purchase a green fee, excludes holidays.

18 Holes, Cart & Hot Dog $16 b e f o r e 3 p . m . o n We d n e s d a y s

Visit our restaurant Delicious Homemade Food!

Open to the public Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Daily Lunch Specials Everyday from 7 am til 8 pm

GolfGuide ‘14

6730 N. TR 69, Kansas • 419-986-5229


Making a day of it at Nature Trails golf. The course has always featured two distinct nines and you Correspondent can play one or the other or betIf you have seen my not so ter yet both, being sure not to lithesome figure, it should come forget about breakfast, lunch or (and?) dinner. as no surprise to you that I can The front nine has a few tell you which golf courses offer trees to deal with. “Few” is a great food at the turn. Want a deep fried jumbo hot dog before subjective word, I guess. If you don’t play position golf on this heading out to the back nine? I side of the course and find yourcan tell you where to get it. self constantly in the trees playHow about a shredded chicken sandwich? Two courses ing ping pong, you can post a high number. Put the ball in come immediately to mind. I play and you can really score. even know of a course that has The toughest hole on the hamburgers grilled and warming for your pleasure. If there is one front nine is the very first hole. Par this one and you are on your course where I don’t even consider eating at the turn, it would way. Holes 2 and 3 are short par 4’s that will likely give you be Nature Trails Golf Club. birdie opportunities though one Now hold on a minute. If tee shot will require a hook you think I’m suggesting that while the other demands a fade. you can’t get good food at NaHoles #5 and #6 are par-5’s with ture Trails, you are sadly misthe second one very short. A taken. In fact it is just the long drive will give you a short opposite. What I am saying is iron in and a look at eagle. The that I am not about to eat at the 8th hole can be birdied and nine turn. Let me explain. is a great golf hole. My traveling group norA par-4, it can be driven if mally tees off around 10. That brings me to the turn at noon and you hit the ball over the trees. my stomach knows it’s time for Remember I did say there were a few trees on the front. This hole grub. When I go to Nature Trails I want to tee off at 8 or 1. has been aced however, (no it was not me) and how cool is it to That allows me to eat before golfing, and of course again after ace a par-4. You can easily shoot in the low 30’s on the playing 18. front and who wants to take a If you tee off at 8 you MUST get there in time to eat a break for food with that kind of great home cooked breakfast. A round going. The back nine is much heaping plate of eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast and juice for more wide open. You can break out the big dog on this side, but one low price! By the time I still score. There is a four-hole make the turn, I’m still stuffed. stretch, featuring three par-5’s, By the time I finish the round that can make or break your which should be around noon, I’m ready for lunch. Similarly a round. You begin with the par-5 one o’clock tee time means lunch (perhaps Beef Manhattan) 13th hole. The big hitters can get near the green in two, though followed by golf and dinner. most of us have to lay up to Someday I am going to make it an entire day. Breakfast avoid the water. A short iron third shot can give you a good first, then a round of golf. Lunch would be followed by an- look at birdie. The 14th is also a par-5 that can be reached in two. other 18 holes and my day A two tiered green might give would be finished off with dinyou an interesting putt though. ner. Sounds like a great day to me. Just don’t tell my doctor The 15th is the most interthat I’m riding not walking the esting hole on the course. You course! can play to the corner and have a The food at Nature Trails is short shot in, or you can go for outstanding, but so too is the the green. You will think you


are on the front side if you choose option #2 as you will have to get through the trees to reach the green. I once substituted in a league at Nature Trails and asked my playing partner how far it was to the corner on 15. He responded with “I have no idea – I always go for the green.” So much for safety first! The 16th is another par-5 that presents another birdie chance. You can play these holes in 2 or 3 under par and another nine in the low 30’s is a distinct possibility. Now you know why a lot of people love playing Nature Trails. The greens at Nature Trails are on the small side and tend to be tiered or crowned. Your put-

ter needs to be sharp here. Scoring opportunities abound, but the flat stick has to cooperate. If it does, there is no telling what score you can shoot. With a chance to shoot a low score or a nice golf course for very little money and then to enjoy some great home cooked food – what are you waiting for. Make your way to Nature Trails today and put yourself in the hands of the friendly staff. You might just see me in attendance. I like the course and I like the food. Let’s see. 36 holes and 3 meals! I believe it can be done. Give me a call and we’ll set up the dream day at Nature Trails.

Nature Trails Golf Course 6730 N. TR 69, Kansas, OH (419) 986-5229

Par: 73

Yardage: 5,517 (Blue) 4,610 (Red)

Signature Hole: No. 16

GolfGuide ‘14

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GolfGuide’14 A pub li c at i on of The A d ver t i se r- Tr i bun e and Se as ona l G ui d es o f O hi o 320 Nelson St. P.O. Box 778 Tiffin, Ohio 44883 Phone: (419) 448-3200 Fax: (419) 447-3274

Seasonal Guides of Ohio Publisher:

Christopher A. Dixon (419) 448-3200



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Witness to an ace ...................................................19 Multiple aces are rare indeed .....................................20

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Mary Perkins

Bet you can’t top this hole-in-one story .......................22

(419) 448-3230

All stories written by Al Stephenson

GOLF COURSES FEATURED: Birch Run - NORTH BALTIMORE /Loudon Meadows - FOSTORIA ..........8-9 Clinton Heights Golf Course - TIFFIN ...................................14-15 Nature Trails Golf Course - KANSAS ..........................................2-3 Red Hawk Run - FINDLAY ..........................................................6-7 Seneca Hills Golf Course - TIFFIN ........................................10-11

OTHER ADVERTISERS: Beacon Point Driving Range ...................................................19 Bethesda Care Center Golf Outing ..........................................19 Clouse Construction/Advertiser-Tribune Golf Scramble ...................................................................12-13 Chippewa Golf Club ................................................................17 Dan’s Golf Center ...................................................................18 Dornan’s Custom Golf Carts ...................................................20 Eagle Golf Pass ......................................................................21 Green Hills Golf Course..........................................................18 Reineke Family Dealerships....................................................24 Seven Springs Resort .............................................................23 Sleepy Hollow Golf Course......................................................17 Sycamore Hills Golf Club........................................................22 Sycamore Springs Golf Course ...............................................20 Tiffin Youth Football Annual Golf Outing................................16

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GolfGuide ‘14

Rob Weaver

Editorial Correspondent: Al Stephenson

Account Executive: Cindy Drum

(800) 448-3235 ext. 231 (419) 448-3231

Creative Services: Connie Traxler Jessica Everhart Fay Corfman The editor and publisher have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of material in this guide.

Move over Dorf Here’s Lou Holtz on golf BY AL STEPHENSON

Correspondent Most ardent golfers recall Tim Conway’s hilarious routine as Dorf on Golf. I have had the opportunity to watch his act in person twice as he appeared at the Ritz Theatre in Tiffin. He is a funny man and the golf skit still makes me laugh whenever I see it. Recently I watched an interview on the Golf Channel with Lou Holtz, the legendary college football coach turned broadcaster. It seems the old coach has a passion for the game of golf and shared many of his thoughts on the game. The interview was priceless as Holtz had me laughing as though I was watching Tim Conway in action. Holtz suggested that he has two mottos when it comes to the game of golf. One is “forward is good, forward in the air is better.” We’ve all been there. Trying to simplify the game tends to help. His second motto: find the ball, hit it, go find it again.” You would think the man has seen me play. One comment he made was that he liked the game because officials do not determine the outcome. That is one of the great features of playing golf. You know the rules and you abide by them. Well, the vast majority of golfers do anyhow. An arbiter is not needed, though the golf rule book is extensive and complicated. His point though is well taken. If you do not golf well,

there is no one else to blame. It was not a poor judgment call that caused you to shank that nine iron shot! Another of his witticisms that really got my attention was the fact that his wife does not play golf. Neither does mine. When Holtz comes home from playing a round of golf, his wife likely has just finished playing tennis. When he asks her how tennis was, he gets a “we won 6-3, 6-4.” That’s the end of the tennis conversation. However when she wants to know how his day went, he launches into a shot by shot description of his round. We golfers cannot help it. To say I shot an 80 isn’t enough. We have to relive the entire round to do one of three things; A) bemoan our plight, B) brag uncontrollably or C) explain what could have been. Of course Mrs. Holtz doesn’t really want that much information. Neither, of course, does my spouse. When my wife casually asks how my golf game went, I will say something like “it could have been better” and then I feel the need to explain the comment. “I just killed my drive on the first hole, but it rolled barely six inches into the rough. I had a terrible lie, but managed to hit a really good shot toward the green. It hit just beyond the bunker and then spun back into the trap. Of course it fell into a footprint because some knucklehead forgot to rake the sand and I had no chance. It took

me two shots to get out of the bunker and I still had a thirtyfooter…” I lost my wife, a woman whom I assure you can multi task with the best of them, with “it could have been better.” She really doesn’t want to hear about my troubles because she doesn’t understand. It never ceases to amaze me that despite her pointing out to me on several occasions that what I’m telling her does not interest her, I still start going through my round – every time. We’re golfers. It’s what we do. Another Holtz gem came when he talked about playing a round of golf with an accomplished golfer. When the coach’s game went awry, he became mad at himself and whined and tossed things. His playing companion looked at him and uttered these famous words: “you’re not good enough to get angry.” The man’s point made me think. The typical amateur golfer plays about twice a week. We are not great golfers and with the exception of a small side bet there is nothing serious on the line when we play. I believe the man was suggesting that we don’t get all worked up and just enjoy the game. Well, he’s right and maybe wrong as well. Despite the fact that we don’t play that often, we still have a level of play that we expect. When we fall short of that level we can, and maybe even should, get a little upset. My suggestion

is that we observe what my friends and I call the five second rule. Hit a bad shot and let it out – for five seconds – and then let it go. That way in a four hour round of golf, you are only angry for about a minute. That means about 12 bad shots per round. That seems about right to me, though you may have to adjust the timetable for any given round. That leaves three hours and fifty nine minutes to enjoy this absolutely wonderful game. The one story told by Coach Holtz that had me chuckling hours later involved a round of golf that he got to play with the legendary Arnold Palmer. It seems that Lou was struggling so badly on this day that he felt the need to apologize to Mr. Palmer. “I’m sorry Arnold,” he said. “I don’t remember the last time I played this bad.” Without hesitating a second Arnold Palmer replied, “Oh, so you’ve actually played before.” As you read through the rest of this Guide you will find a number of great golf courses where you can enjoy a round of golf. Now that the brutal winter has finally ended, it is time to hit the links. Remember the advice from the above story. Forward is good, forward in the air is better. Find the ball, hit it, go find it again. Always observe the five second rule. By all means, go play golf. It is a beautiful game!

GolfGuide ‘14

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Play championship golf at The Golf Club at Red Hawk Run BY AL STEPHENSON Correspondent When Red Hawk Run opened for business in 1999 it did so with great fanfare. The course was designed by Arthur Hills who has renovated Inverness, Oakland Hills and Oakmont among others. It featured beautifully manicured fairways and greens with an abundance of sand traps that would test golfers of every skill level. In 2000 Golf Digest rated it the “6th Best New Affordable Golf Course.” Two years later Golf Magazine published its “Thrifty Fifty” list of courses. Red Hawk ranked 18th on the list of the top fifty best golf courses to play in America under $50. The accolades were justified as golfer after golfer came off the course knowing they had just played one of the best layouts in northwest Ohio. Then the entire country ran into economic woes and Red Hawk unfortunately was not immune to the problem. The course had water issues and it fell into disrepair. Golfers left for other courses and things seemed bleak for the once proud course. Last year a new entity took over control of the golf course. Today Cook Golf, LLC is looking to restore the roar. The goal is to bring the track back to its glory days and make it a quality championship course. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jim Cook, the Chairman/CEO of Cook Golf to find out what is in store for the course located just east of Findlay on Rt. 224. Jim is a gregarious guy and full of vitality. His family has been in the golf business for a long time, Jim for over 50 years himself. He was quick to point out that he thought The Golf Club at Red Hawk Run has the potential to Page 6

GolfGuide ‘14

become one of the finest in northwest Ohio. That will not happen without some improvements being made and I don’t know if you can find any group better suited to the challenge. Let���s take a look at Cook Golf, LLC. Jim Cook was a high school and college football and baseball coach before he took a job with Firestone. Not just any job mind you, he was the Tournament Manager for PGA events held at Firestone Country Club. That brought his full attention to the world of golf and he has never looked back. Perhaps you have heard of Jim’s son. That would be one John Cook. John was a three-time First Team All American golfer at The Ohio State University. He won the Ohio Amateur twice, the California Amateur and the 1978 U.S. Amateur. John later joined the PGA Tour where he won 11 tournaments and is currently competing successfully on the Champions Tour where he has accumulated nine more victories. When he is not playing, he is active with the family golf business, serving as the President. If that is not enough of a glittering family resume, Jim’s daughter Cathy, along with husband Gregg Russell, are officers with the company. Cathy also has a sterling record as a golfer. She led The Ohio State University to 3 Big Ten Championships. She also won the Ohio Amateur in 1980 and the Nevada Amateur in 1988. To suggest that the Cook family is a golfing family would be a huge understatement. So what does the family have in store for The Golf Club at Red Hawk Run? Let’s take a look. Jim assured me that the water problems have been

eliminated. He is in the process of restoring all the bunkers that were neglected in recent years. The course is looking pretty good already and it will only get better and better. Jim understands the value of family and hopes to see families come out and enjoy the game. The Golf Club at Red Hawk Run is semi private, but golfers can become part of the family by investing in a unique membership program. You can become an official member at Red Hawk by investing $100. That enables you to play in all the club’s events including the club championship. It also enables you to pay as you go. Members receive a 10% discount on everything including a season pass. Six month passes are available. Whether a member gets a pass or not, they can simply apply the discount to green fees, merchandise or food and beverage. Stop in and see what this deal is all about. Here’s a little information about the course. Red Hawk has five sets of tees. If you choose to play the tips the yardage will be a staggering 7,155 yards. The red tees max out at 4,997. Three other sets of tees give you the opportunity to play the distance that suits your game. There is an emphasis on accuracy at Red Hawk. Bunkers guard every green and are also found along nearly every fairway. Water can come into play on about half the holes. For example, Eagle Lake protects the fairway and green on No. 2 while it guards the green on No. 3. The signature hole is #7. A short par-4 measuring 320 yards from the white tees, it has a long bunker that runs from the left side of the green back into the middle of the

fairway. You have the option of playing to the left or right of the bunker. Playing to the left will leave you a shorter iron into the green, but a poorer angle. Going right leaves you with a longer approach shot, but a more receptive green. I tend to find the bunker and I would suggest that either of the aforementioned options would be better. One of my favorite holes is the par-3 14th. It is a short hole, but all carry over water. One time each member of my foursome cleared the water (though one skipped a couple of times) and three of us were within 15 feet of the cup. I would like to tell you that a couple of birdies were scored, but I am pledged to honesty. Hey, a par is a good golf score, right? The adjectives used to describe this masterful layout used to be brilliant, plush, outstanding and beautiful. The Cook family will insure that those terms will once again be uttered. So come on out and check out this great golf course. You will be glad you did.

The Golf Club at Red Hawk Run

US 224 East Findlay, OH (419) 894-4653 877-484-3429 Par: 72 Yardage: 4885 to 7200 (5 levels) Signature Holes: No. 7 & No. 14

Public Golf at its Best in Northwest Ohio

18-Hole USGA Rated Championship Course • 5 Tees for All Levels of Play • Practice Center with Lessons for All Ages

Golfers of all skill levels can enjoy The Golf Club. The greens, tees and fairways are all beautifully maintained Bentgrass creating the ultimate golf experience.


Rt. 224 East / Findlay, Ohio • 419-894-4653 • 877-484-3429 GolfGuide ‘14

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These supers are just that at Birch Run & Loudon Meadows BY AL STEPHENSON Correspondent

Pardon me as I become a name dropper. After all, it’s what I do. Let me introduce you to Mark Kuligowski and Keith Scaife. These two gentlemen may not be familiar to you, but trust me when I say that the role they play at area golf courses is huge. When Tom Young and Brad Miller purchased a golf course known as Briar Hill near North Baltimore in 2006, it did not take local golfers long to appreciate the improvements made to the course which had its name changed to the Birch Run Golf Club. And who, do you ask, is responsible for the changes that had golfers raving about the new layout? That of course would be Mark Kuligowski. When Young took over he brought in Kuligowski to be his course superintendent. It was he and his staff that did the physical work needed to create the well maintained facility that people love playing today. When I stopped in at Birch Run recently I was directed to the back nine to find Kuligowski so we could chat about his work. I found him near the tenth green along with Sage, his trusty Australian Shepherd. The dog sat obediently by his masters’ side in the golf cart except to come up to me for some TLC. I couldn’t help but notice the parallel. That would be the term I would use to describe Mark’s feeling about the golf course. He treats it with tender loving care.

A Buffalo N.Y. area native, Mark matriculated to The Ohio State University to study turf management. Talking to him, you can tell how much he cares about the course. He talked about how the weather took its toll on the course last year as heavy rains flooded fairways and straight line winds downed trees. The course also had to endure a brutal winter, but as I looked around I saw a carefully manicured course that is ready for business. Much of the credit for the condition of the course goes to Kuligowski and his staff. We spent some time talking about the 10th green. One of the cool holes at Birch Run, it is a short but tough little par-3. The two tier green slopes from left to right. Tee shots to the left of the green will leave a delicate chip shot that will challenge golfers no matter what skill level. Mark admitted that there is consideration of widening and possibly leveling the green, but that will have to wait. For now just helping the course recover from all of the recent weather issues is of paramount concern. That will be left in the capable hands of Mark Kuligowski. A couple of years ago Tom Young added Loudon Meadows to his portfolio. He inherited a course superintendent that he had the good sense to keep on board. Keith Scaife, also a graduate of The Ohio State University, has been at Loudon since 1986. He became the superintendent in 1990.

14451 Deshler Rd., North Baltimore (419)257-3641 Par: 70 6,020 (Black) 5,517 (Gold)

Birch Run Golf Club

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GolfGuide ‘14

Loudon Meadows has long been regarded as the best kept secret in northwest Ohio and Scaife is largely responsible for that compliment. The course has quick smooth greens and wellmanicured fairways. I consider Loudon Meadows my home course, having played more rounds there than any other track. I can attest to the fact that the course is always in great shape. Now that Tom Young owns both courses, golfers can get a deal on memberships that provide one with the opportunity to play either course. For those that don’t want to limit their play to just one course, this is a great offer. You can get a chance to go low no matter which of these courses you play. I have actually recorded eagles on both courses. In fact I nearly had three on three consecutive holes at Loudon Meadows a few years ago. On the par-5 6th hole, two shots left me just short of the green. Thanks to the efforts of Scaife, I was able to putt from off the putting surface and ran in a thirty-plus footer for eagle. On the par-4 seventh I holed a fairway iron shot for another one. I was reminded that a third consecutive eagle would mean a hole-inone on the par-3 8th. A solid tee shot headed straight for the pin, but came up some twenty feet short. A twoputt par meant I played the three holes in 4 under par, a score anyone would envy. Last year at Birch Run I eagled the finishing hole. #18 is a short par-4 that can be driven if

you’re willing to risk finding the water to the right and out of bounds to the left. Since I no longer can drive the ball very far, I went the conventional route, hitting a 7-wood to a point where I would have 100 yards left. From there I holed out. If you think I was just lucky – you are absolutely correct. Golfers have their desires when it comes to courses. Some prefer a low price, others prefer fast greens and some look at degree of difficulty. For nearly every golfer however, the condition of the course is of utmost importance. Thanks largely to the diligence of Mark Kuligowski and Keith Scaife, Birch Run and Loudon Meadows are always in great condition. Loudon Meadows features cart paths that run the entire length of the course. It also features some great golf holes. Hook the ball on the par-4 12th hole and you can be looking at a birdie putt. Bomb the ball over the corner of the field on 13 and you can be near the putting surface. The par-3 15th is not that long usually playing around 150 yards. The green however is huge. Find yourself on one side of the green with the hole on the other and you will have a putt that can be measured in yards not feet. Birch Run ends the front nine with a monster par-4. Here’s a word to the wise. If you do not hit a good drive, lay up to avoid the creek and hope your short game is effective. Play a round of golf at Birch Run or Loudon Meadows soon. You’ll see what I mean about the supers being super.

Loudon Meadows Golf Club

11072 W. SR 18, Fostoria (419)435-8500 / 800-686-GOLF Par: 71 6,181 (Blue) 5,945 (White) 5,387 (Yellow)

Get More “Fore” Le$$! 14451 Deshler Rd. North Baltimore, OH 45872 419-257-3641

11072 W. St. Rt. 18 Fostoria, OH 44830 419-435-8500

Buy 1 Round w/Cart Get 1 Round w/Cart

Buy Any Golf Shirt In Clubhouse




No Restriction on tee times. Must call to reserve time.

1 shirt w/coupon


Mother’s Mother’s Day Day Special Special

Expires 7-31-14

18 Holes w/Cart $


*Before 2pm Mon.-Fri. *Includes a fountain pop Expires 7-31-14

Expires 7-31-14

All Moms Play 18 Holes w/Cart


GolfGuide ‘14

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Seneca Hills Golf Club — A country gem BY AL STEPHENSON

Correspondent If you decide to visit Seneca Hills Golf Club for the first time, you have to realize it will take a bit of a drive to get there. It is only a few miles from downtown Tiffin, but as you pass one farm house after another you might wonder if you are heading in the right direction. You notice another large barn on the horizon and the doubts mount until you get closer and notice a parking lot beside it. You have reached this scenic rural piece of golf heaven and it does not take long to realize that the drive was worth it. The 19th century barn is a focal point of the property and we will take you on a tour of its contents in a moment, but for now let’s take a look at the golf course. The course has undergone some exciting changes since Bobby Pollitt became the owner in 2011. Pollitt has improved the layout dramatically and continues the upgrade every year. The fairways have been over seeded and the greens are now among the fastest in the area. They putt true however, and every golfer you talk to loves the new surfaces. The driving range is perhaps the best in the area and features a synthetic turf that can be used in inclement weather. This is the same stuff that touring pros have at their homes, so you know it is the best. The range features a putting green and chipping area so that you may practice all aspects of your game. There are several unique holes on the course, but my favorite has to be #15. You will

Page 10 GolfGuide ‘14

tee off from the trees having to hit through a chute. The second shot must carry a large pond to a green that features a sizable hump in the middle. Affectionately known as “Eilert’s Knob”, it will provide a challenging putt if it sits between your ball and the cup. On the front side the fourth hole is interesting. You can play a mid iron to the end of the fairway and then a short iron in awaits you. Of course if you can hook the ball if right handed or fade the ball (lefthanders) you can shoot for the green on this par-4. Yes, I would like to see Bubba play this hole! As for that barn that you saw, the pro shop sits just inside the door. If you don’t venture any further however, you will miss the most unique facility anywhere. There is a restaurant/bar area that features four flat screen TV’s that allow you to watch your favorite sporting activity. There is so much more though. You need to check out the loft above the bar. It has been refurbished and is perfect for meetings, parties or reunions. From the loft you can watch golfers putt out on #9. You can also see the event area that is used for weddings, award ceremonies and anything else you can envision. The grassy area sits just behind that 9th green. Bobby Pollitt has a wine collection of vintages produced by current and former professional golfers. All the bottles are signed by the pro and include the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Annika Sorenstam, Ernie Els, Gary Player and the most recent addition – Frank Nobilo. A leather sofa sits across from

the wine collection and is near a golf library. You can read some fascinating golf literature in the comfort of the “barn” while watching golfers tee off on the first hole. There is a smaller room in the facility that will easily seat 10 for private gatherings. The building near the driving range can also host larger groups. Seneca Hills has the ability to satisfy any groups’ wants and needs. It is the golf that brings most people here and the course, under the watchful eye of course superintendent Brent Kline, is always in good shape. Bobby Pollitt is an award winning PGA professional and he can help anyone improve their game. His eyes light up however, when he talks about teaching young people this marvelous game. Seneca Hills is the Home of Junior Golf in Seneca County. Proof of that can be found in the following facts. Tiffin Calvert, Tiffin Columbian and New Riegel high schools call Seneca Hills home. Tiffin University also plays matches here. Pollitt provides some unique opportunities for young people to play golf. He has started what he calls “open gyms” borrowing the phrase from another sport. On Tuesday afternoons in June and July, young golfers who can break 55 or be approved by Pollitt or their high school golf coach, can converge on Seneca Hills. There they will be sent out to play in friendly competition. He will be sponsoring his own Seneca Hills Junior Invitational this summer and the Toledo District Golf Association will hold a tournament at

the course in July. Check the A-T for announcements. The adult golfer is not forgotten at Seneca Hills. Pollitt has arranged a Seneca County long drive contest sponsored by Beerco and a Night Golf Tournament is also in the works. In addition some other tournaments that will take place at Seneca Hills this season include a Ladies Stagette, Bar and Restaurant Invitational, Banker’s Cup Invitational and the Seneca Hills Invitational which will benefit Junior Golf. Always looking for ways to improve Seneca Hills, Pollitt plans to add a large number of flowers to the course this year. This will beautify the surroundings and I, for one, love to look around while playing the game. You are likely to see other improvements as the work to make this facility better than ever is ongoing. Seneca Hills Golf Club is a place where you can play a relaxing round of golf on a great course or hold a wedding and reception that will never be forgotten. There are many different options for the use of this wonderful place. Whatever your plans are, it will be worth the drive to go to Seneca Hills.

Seneca Hills

4044 W. TR 98, Tiffin (419) 447-9446 Par: 70 Yardage: 6,121 (Blue) 5,958 (White) 4,991 (Red) 4,388 (Yellow) Signature Hole: No. 7

Home of The Pro’s Nest Pub

New Practice Range featuring

nxt tour range balls. special short game area for members, lessons and watered target greens.

Home of Junior Golf in Seneca County!

Monday Special


All the range balls $ you can hit (for 2 hrs.)

Many improvements to the Clubhouse, Practice Range & Golf Course.

Complete Golf and Banquet Facility Weddings • Rehearsal Dinners • Reunions Our well-maintained course offers 128 rolling acres. Par is 70 and 6100 yards. From beginners to accomplished golfers, you will enjoy your day! Monday-Wednesday until 3:00 pm • 18 Hole Golf Course Weekends from 12-5 pm • 9 Holes w/Cart • Golf Lessons Available by a • 9 Holes w/Cart PGA Professional $ 00 $ 00 • Yellow Tees (Short Course) Not valid for leagues, tournaments, outings or special Not valid for leagues, tournaments, outings or special Juniors, Ladies, Seniors events. Not valid with any other offer or discounts. events. Not valid with any other offer or discounts. Must present coupon. Offer expires 8/1/14 Must present coupon. Offer expires 8/1/14 • Regripping & Respiking, Golf Lessons, Gift Certificates Monday-Wednesday until 3:00 pm Weekends from 12-4 pm • 18 Holes w/Cart • Banquet Facility • 18 Holes w/Cart accommodates up to 220 $ 00 $ 00 people with full liquor license. 4 rooms and event Not valid for leagues, tournaments, outings or special Not valid for leagues, tournaments, outings or special events. Not valid with any other offer or discounts. events. Not valid with any other offer or discounts. Must present coupon. Offer expires 8/1/14 Must present coupon. Offer expires 8/1/14 lawn available.





Bobby Pollitt, Proprietor and PGA Golf Professional

4044 West Twp Rd. 98, Tiffin • (419) 447-9446

“The Friendly Place with Attention to Details”

GolfGuide ‘14

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Newspaper In Education Golf Scramble Seneca Hills Golf Course

T h e A d v e r t i s e r- Tr i b u n e w w w. a d v e r t i s e r- t r i b u n e . c o m

July 12, 2014

Page 12 GolfGuide ‘14

$60 per person includes:

Reserve your team today! To register call Chris Dixon at 419-448-3200 or email

18 holes of golf Cart transportation Steak Dinner after tournament Door prizes for all

T h e A d v e r t i s e r- Tr i b u n e w w w. a d v e r t i s e r- t r i b u n e . c o m GolfGuide ‘14

Page 13

Anything can happen at Clinton Heights BY AL STEPHENSON Correspondent I took up the game of golf late, after my freshman year of college to be exact. My first nine holes were played right here at Clinton Heights. I was a naïve 18-year-old athlete that thought the game would be easy. After playing nine holes in 65 strokes, not counting a few whiffs, I decided I had a lot to learn about the game. I also decided I wanted to play the game again and again. I returned to Clinton several times to play the game and was amazed at some of the strange things that seemed to take place there. My favorite memory was both scary and hilarious. Let me explain. We had a rookie in our foursome that day and went to the tee to start the back nine. For those of you who are not aware of the location of the tenth tee, it is directly behind the clubhouse. The hole doglegs to the left and we told our newcomer that he could cut the corner and be near the green if he negotiated the trees that lined the left side of the fairway. The man was a big guy and he hit a rocket that started to climb before striking a tree so hard you would have though a gun went off. We all ducked on the tee, not knowing where the ball went, hoping it would not come back from where it began. The ball eventually dropped on the clubhouse roof and rolled down into the spouting. We can hear it rolling along the spouting until it reached the end and then drops underground never to be used again. By now we are all laughing uncontrollably.

Page 14 GolfGuide ‘14

I stopped at Clinton Heights the other day and a golfer couldn’t wait to tell me that the same thing happened twice last season. The trees seem to be winning. Then the same fellow told me about a weird thing that happened to him. He was playing the signature hole #15. A lengthy par4 you have to drive over a large pond that sits on the right side of the fairway. Apparently he sliced his tee shot badly and watched from the tee waiting for the splash. It never came. Instead the ball bounce high and actually went to the right of the pond where it was out of bounds. The mystery was how it bounced and as he went to retrieve the ball he happened upon a course worker who was laughing hysterically. It seems the ball landed on a turtle and shot skyward. There was no word on whether the turtle was “shell” shocked, but it does prove that weird things do happen at Clinton Heights. If you golf at Clinton Heights you should be aware of a small creek that comes into play on nearly half the holes. It is only a foot wide in most spots, but if your ball goes in there you are out of luck. There are also some great golf holes, including my favorite, the par-4 fourth. The drive must stop short of that little creek I mentioned, but getting it down the hill just short of the creek is beneficial. The second shot is of the utmost importance as the green slopes severely from back to front. Hit the ball to a spot above the pin and your putting or chipping ability will be sorely tested.

8:00 – Jeff Morrow – 419 989-0164. 7/20 – Seneca East Boosters – 8:00 – Tom Nagel – 567 224-4144. 7/27 – Old Fort Ex-Hi – 8:00 – Ron Rau – 419 937-6182. 8/9 – Green Springs VFW – 8:00 – Larry Swartz – 419 639-3561. 8/14 – Seneca East Invitational – 8:30 8/16 – Jeremy Shock Outing – 8:00 – Jason Hill – 419 603-6043. 8/16 – Heidelberg Soccer – 2:00 – Brian Haley – 419 618-5455. 8/23 – Clinton Lake Campground – 9:00 – Denny Miller – 419 307-1572. 9/13 – United Way – Pat Demonte – 419 448-0355. 9/14 – PCA Outing – 8:00 – Steve Reser – 419 618-3277. If there is no contact person listed or you cannot get a hold of them, call Clinton Heights if you are interested in playing in one of these outings. Whether you want to scramble or just play a relaxing round of golf, Clinton 5/9 – American Legion – Heights will accommodate you. You are guaranteed to be 8:00 – Donnie Miller – met by a smiling face and a 419 585-3331. 5/31 – Bloomville Lions – reasonable rate. Set your 8:00 – Brad – 419 934-1383. sights on Clinton Heights 6/1 – Old Fort Little League today. – 8:00 – Chris Magers – 419 355-6845. 6/7 – Ratpick Open – 8:00 – Pat Pugh – 419 307-3805. 2760 E. TR 122, Tiffin 6/15 – Republic Lions – (419) 447-8863 8:00 – Matt Miller – Par: 70 419 443-2247. Yardage: 6/29 – Steyer Seeds – 5,643 (White) 8:30 – Chris Magers – 419 355-6845. 4,915 (Red) 7/19 – Browns Backers – Signature Hole: No. 15 The par-3 fifth hole is short, but blind. The top of the flagstick will be visible on this uphill challenge, but the cup will not be. It is fun to hit a shot that you think is pretty good and then go see if you were correct. The par-5 ninth is a good hole as well. Hit a good drive and you can send your second towards the big red barn. A short drive and that pesky little creek can come into play on the second shot. Another favorite hole is the par-3 11th that measures a mere 100 yards. It has a big green and a long putt may be in order, but you have to love a hole that tests your short iron game. Clinton Heights has long been known for scrambles and this year is no exception. It is too late to sign up for the Heidelberg football outing as it is held in April each year. It is a very popular event and you may want to keep it in mind for next golf season. Here is a list of some of the scrambles that will take place in 2014 along with the starting time, a contact person and phone number.

Clinton Heights

Clinton H Clinton Heights e i g h t s Inc. Inc. SPECIALS 4 1 0 2 Mon.-Thurs. 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.

18 Holes With Cart FRIDAY 2 FOR 1

Good ALL Day

16 $ 00 9 holes w/cart 9

18 holes w/cart Clinton Heights Golf Course



per person

per person


18 $ 00 25

18 Holes - Free Cart & Hot Dog Weekends 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.


2 PLAY & RIDE! Mon.-Thurs. 7AM-2PM

18 holes w/cart $

Clinton Heights Golf Course



2 people

Must present coupon. Good thru 2014.

Free Cart (Weekends After 3 p.m.)

Please P lease Call Call for for Tee Times Tee Times 2760 E. TR 122, Tiffin 419-447-8863 GolfGuide ‘14

Page 15

Golf’s Ultimate Thrill BY AL STEPHENSON

Correspondent There is no greater thrill in the game of golf than to score a hole-in-one. If you have one on your resume, consider yourself lucky. Most golfers will play the game for years and never have the opportunity to celebrate knocking one in the hole from the tee. Throughout this golf guide you will read stories of golfers recording an ace. Some have had the good fortune to do it more than once. There are examples of golfers who aced a hole without even seeing it. I even have a story where a golfer was asked if he had ever had a hole-in-one and his answer was: maybe… So as you peruse this edition of the Golf Guide check out the hole-in-one stories. We will start with an ace recorded by yours truly. Every hole-in-one shot has a story to go with it. Mine was no exception. Two things make my ace unique. First of all it happened three weeks to the day after I suffered a heart attack. Secondly, it was predicted by a member of my foursome. Well, sort of. We were playing Colonial Golfers Club. I had played nine holes in a league two days before, my first attempt at playing golf after my health scare which concluded with an angioplasty. My right coronary artery had been 99% blocked before the heart attack. Now we would find out if the artery was truly open and the heart working. Page 16 GolfGuide ‘14

My buddies and I went to the 13th tee at Colonial and Tom Tucker had this to say as we got ready to hit. “I think somebody is going to get a hole-in-one. I just feel it.” He asked our first hitter if he thought he would be the one and the answer was negative. He was right, as his shot was short and right ending up in a bunker. I was next. I used a 7iron from 137 yards, one more club than normal because my arms were sore from all the IV needles put in them. I had to swing easy and did on this occasion. My shot went long and left as Tucker suggested “that won’t do it.” He was wrong of course. The ball took once bounce and spun back diagonally, making a bee line for the hole. It appeared to stop on the lip teasing us. Then it dropped setting off a celebration that will never be forgotten by me or my friends. After the round we went to a Hardee’s restaurant in Ada for lunch. As I was ordering my food the girl behind the counter seemed confused. One of my buddies stuck his head out from behind the line suggesting that she not give me a hard time because I had just gotten a hole-in-one. She asked me if it was true and I nodded affirmatively. My friend then stuck his head out again and said, “he would have had another one too if the windmill hadn’t come down.” To this day she probably doesn’t know if the ace was legitimate or not. I know though, and the thrill will be forever remembered.

Calling All Golfers!

Join The Fun! Tiffin Youth Football


GOLF OUTING 4 Person Scramble! Sat., June 28th

Seneca Hills Golf Course $

Registration table opens at 7:00 a.m. Shotgun start at 8:00 a.m.

50 per person includes 18 holes of golf Golf cart Lunch after golf Prize holes Sports memorabilia auction (After Lunch)

Football Draft Days

Sat., July 12th & 26th • Hedges-Boyer Park Amvets Shelter across from the YMCA

Looking for hole sponsors for $100 other donations would be greatly appreciated.

Seek Volunt ing eers fo cheerler a adviso der rs

To Register:

• By phone: Call Paul Shoemaker 419-443-1708 • Email address: • Mail to TLLF c/o Paul Shoemaker, 25 North Township Road 165, Tiffin, Ohio 44883

All proceeds to benefit The Tiffin Youth Football teams. Have a great time & help support a great sport for our area kids!

Golf Tip of the Day by Justin Bush, PGA Professional



”” UoTf T I N G ss P


What club do you use the most during a round of golf? The answer is your putter. Focus on your fundamentals to improve your “P’s of Putting”. Master this list and you will be well on your way to a better stroke and lower scores.

P a c e...........The speed of your putts. Pace Path P a t h ...............The direction the ball

Golfer’s Paradise OFFERING Enjoyment for the Beginner to the Experienced Golfer

travels on the green. Pendulum P e n d u l u m. .The tick-tock motion of your putter.

P Patience a t i e n c e . . . .Relax and take your time. Practice P r a c t i c e . . . . .The only way to improve your putting.

Think about your putting and recognize which “P” can be improved upon the most. Focus your practice on this and watch your putting improve.

Sleepy leepy Hollow ollow

Good golf, good food & good people.

Company or Group Outings for 9 or 18 Holes Available





We will help you organize it & provide a great menu.

Call for Prices & Specials Openings available for new leagues Openings also available in current leagues

Visit our Diner We are open to the public! • Homemade Breakfast Sandwiches • Homemade Soups (daily) • Large selection of sandwiches

6029 E. St. Rt. 101 (5 miles northeast of Clyde on SR 101)


• In d ivid u a l & C o rp o ra te M em b ers h ip s A va ila b le • L o o kin g fo r a G a m e? Jo in o u r M en s & L a d ies P la yer’s C lu b • Fo rm in g W eekd a y L ea gu es • L es s o n s a va ila b le o n s ite w ith L P G A Pro fes s io n a l • N o w B o o kin g 2014 G o lf O u tin gs • N ew D rivin g R a n ge a n d S h o rt G a m e Pra ctice A rea

Full Service Banquet Facilities Available for ALL FUNCTIONS For details call

419-836-8111 The Chippewa Room is available for private parties for up to 80 guests.

A Historic Golf Experience That You Will Truly Enjoy

Chippewa’s semi-private golf club provides an opportunity to play a country club quality golf course at an affordable price.

23550 W. SR 579 Curtice, Ohio 419-836-8111 GolfGuide ‘14

Page 17

A mother’s perspective

shot on the pink lady ball would be worth a prize to that Correspondent team. Of course Scott was using the pink ball when he My buddies and I were recorded his ace. He wanted golfing in Indiana at the annual Foxy’s Fort Wayne Fling to know if he could take the ball out of play so he would when Scott Hall realized the not risk the chance that he or ultimate thrill in golf. We were playing the Donald Ross someone else would lose it later in the round. Golf Club and he was on the I made an executive decithird hole when he aced the sion because Foxy was par 3. I was on the second green nowhere in sight. Take it out when I heard the shouting and and substitute another ball for looked over to see Scott doing it, I suggested. He put the ball his best “Phil Mickelson at the in his bag for safekeeping and then took to his cell phone. Masters” leap. It would be hard to determine who jumped He just couldn’t wait to share higher though neither got a lot the good news with someone of air. The jubilation was evi- back home. As it turned out, reaching anyone proved to be dent, but Scott now was in a difficult. quandary. He called his wife Lori, One of the games we but could not make a connecwere playing that day intion. Well, he thought, he volved the pink lady. Each would let his dad know. team was given a pink golf When he called his parents, ball and it was rotated each hole between members of the dad wasn’t home but mom had answered the phone and it foursome. The lowest score BY AL STEPHENSON

was to her he that he gleefully announced his accomplishment. “Mom, I am in Fort Wayne golfing and I just got a hole-in-one,” he said excitedly. Mrs. Hall took the news calmly if not disinterestedly.

She responded with this gem. “Well, it’s raining here.” Only a mother could put a damper on the great golfing achievement. For the rest of us though, her comment kept us laughing for the rest of the trip!

Save on the Green



( J u s t S o u t h o f Ti f f i n )



Moment of Inertia




off 5.00 off 5.00

per person per person

18 holes & cart up to 4 players Valid Mon.-Fri. (All Day) Sat., Sun. & Holidays (after 11am) Must redeem this coupon. Expires 6/30/2014 Tiffin Golf Guide

• Practice Facility • Terrific Tavern • Patio with a View • Great Food • Friendly People

lebrattiing Cele 56 Years ily famil of fa ss e n i in s u b

Green G reen H Hills ills Golf C Golf Course ourse 1959 S. Main St. Clyde, Ohio

419-547-7947 Page 18 GolfGuide ‘14

Witness to an ace BY AL STEPHENSON Correspondent

I used to read write-ups of holes-in-one and always wanted to know why the names of the ace maker’s playing partners were included. I guess it makes sense to have someone to validate the event though four guys could get together and concoct a story if they were so inclined. It occurred to me that just being on the tee to see the shot was not otherwise noteworthy and you were just horning in on the person’s fame. Then I got to witness a hole-in-one from the tee. Not my own mind you, but I was in the foursome. I saw the ace. The man that hit it did not. Let me explain.

We were playing Pike Run when perhaps the greatest putt I have ever seen was executed by one Coby Coburn. Now the “greatest” tag is pretty big considering the putt did not even go in the cup, but you had to be there. Coby was on the second green which slopes severely from top to bottom. Of course his ball was at the top of the green and the hole was near the bottom. He had a sixty foot putt that was likely to end up off the green – when I say sloped, I’m not kidding. Coby barely tapped the ball and I swear it literally stopped three times before starting again. When it did finally come to a complete halt it was a mere inch from the hole. I remember thinking it would be a long time before


4198 W. Lakeshore Drive Port Clinton, OH 43452

Located at the POINT of Lakeshore Drive and State Route 2


Self-Serve Ball Dispenser Grass & Mat Tees

I see any golf shot as good as that one. Turns out I didn’t have to wait long to see another. On the par-3 third hole, Coby took out a long iron for the 170 something shot. If I can use a baseball analogy, I will tell you that he hit a line drive that went right between the pitcher’s legs. I’m telling you folks, the ball did not get more than a couple of feet off the ground. It hit about half way to the green, at which point Coby started heading for the golf cart. I’m assuming that he was not real happy with his effort, but I kept watching because the ball is smoked and headed for the green. As the ball gets on the putting surface it makes a beeline for the cup which is in the back of the green. I yell

at Coby informing him that this is going to turn out quite good. He is shocked thinking I’m crazy.

The ball keeps moving and finally disappears from sight. I think it might have gone in and some of our buddies on the fourth tee directly behind our green start shouting and pointing in a downward motion. The ball had indeed gone into the cup for an ace and I told Coby the good news. He suggested I was just kidding. I told him that indeed it was an ace and what was worse, he didn’t even watch it. He chuckled and said that really didn’t matter. “With my eyes, I couldn’t have seen that far anyway.”

GOLF SCRAMBLE Bethesda Care Center

SYCAMORE HILLS GOLF COURSE 3728 Hayes Ave., Fremont, OH Saturday, May 16, 2014 PRIZES: 1st $500 Cash 2nd $250 Cash 3rd $100 Cash Volunteers of America

$60 Per Person

18 Holes Plus Cart, Steak Dinner & 1 Drink

Schedule: 7:00 am: Registration Begins 8:00 am: Shotgun Start 2:00 pm: Dinner and Cash Bar

Winners and Door Prizes

First 6 foursome to register will receive free T-shirts

Beverage Cart Available

Open Daily until Dusk April-October 7 Days a Week!

This is a fundraising event to support Bethesda Care Center. Grab your friends and family and join us for a day of golf! All proceeds from this event will support programs and activities designed to improve the lives of seniors living at Bethesda Care Center Questions? Call Cheryl Royster 419-334-9521 Bethesda Care Center • 600 North Brush Street Fremont OH 43420 • 419-334-9521

To Learn more go to:

GolfGuide ‘14

Page 19

Multiple aces are rare indeed BY AL STEPHENSON Correspondent

The typical golfer will go a lifetime without experiencing a hole-in-one. It simply is not that common considering the odds of recording an ace is 350,000 to 1. The number of golfers that have one to their credit has to outnumber those that have multiple aces on their resumes. It is possible to “get lucky” on more than one occasion, though good golfers tend to be luckier than us duffers. Did you know for example, that the record for the most holes-in-one belongs to Art Wall, Jr. He has a total of


54 aces to his credit, 9 while an amateur and an additional 45 while competing at several professional tour events. That seems a bit piggish to me, but trust me I will be elated if I can get another one. The late Joe Lucius has the record for aces on the same hole as he scored 13 of them on the 15th hole at Mohawk Golf and Country Club in Tiffin. Mr. Lucius supposedly downplayed his achievement suggesting that if one plays often enough, they will get their share. I beg to differ on that count. The game is not that easy folks, and 13 aces on the same hole is nothing short of incredible.

Last summer I showed up at the Fostoria Country Club for a round of golf with my traveling league. I was informed that one of our players had aced the par-3 16th hole at the course the day before. So I went looking for Steve Lauer to congratulate him. Normally when I hear of an ace I ask a golfer if it his first, knowing that the feat is not that common. For whatever reason I asked Steve the same question but in a different fashion. My question was this: “how many have you had?” Steve very calmly holds out his left hand and silently takes his right index finger

and starts touching the fingers on that left hand. You can see that he is counting and I start doing the same in my mind. One, two, three… After touching all five digits he then puts his right hand down and with his left index finger starts the process all over again. By now I am getting impressed, at least until he gets to number nine, whereupon he looks up and says, “that would be one!” Steve’s sense of humor is topped only by his honesty. We can’t all be Art Wall or Joe Lucius. Get just a single ace and you join an exclusive club.


Welcome W e l c o m e to to S Sycamore ycamor e S Springs prings 23 North Main St. Attica, OH 44807

419-912-4028 Sean Dornan, owner

Need a golf cart? Don’t want to empty your wallet? We offer a wide selection of quality preowned golf carts. We are continuously getting new inventory. We take these carts and make the necessary repairs and create a less expensive alternative to buying a new golf cart.

Designed by Scotty Wilson and opened in 1958, Sycamore Springs is open to the public.

18 Hole Golf Course Clubhouse Pro Shop One stop destination for golf gear and equipment

“19th Hole” Food, snacks and beverages - and our well recognized Shredded Chicken Sandwich!

Practice Facilities including a driving range, chipping green with practice bunkers, and putting greens.

S Spring pring iinto nto a action ction o on n s seasonal easonal m maintenance! aintenance! Page 20 GolfGuide ‘14

11492 Township Rd. 25, Arlington, OH 45814 419.365.5109 •

What do you mean, maybe? BY AL STEPHENSON

Correspondent It seems like such a straight forward question and therefore should get a quick and simple answer. When a golfer is asked if he has ever had a hole-in-one, his answer could include one of the following responses and in this likely order. No. I’ve had one. I’ve had two, three, four or whatever the number happens to be. An unacceptable answer is maybe. Come on now, think. Either you have or you haven’t, right? Well not so fast my friends. Check out this story. It seems that two friends were playing a course when they came to an uphill par-3. The top of the flag was visible from the tee, but not the cup itself. The first golfer hit a beautiful shot, right towards the stick. As it disappeared over the hill, both golfers thought it might be a great shot. His buddy then hit his shot. Again, the ball sailed majestically towards the green. Once it hit the green it was no longer visible and both

guys started walking up the hill to see how they did. As they crested the ridge, one ball lay just inches to the left of the cup. The other ball still was not visible and when they approached the hole it was sitting snugly in the bottom of the cup. One guy had just aced the hole and the other just missed one. The question was which guy had scored the ace? Turns out both golfers were playing the exact same ball. Same logo. Same number. The balls were identical. Neither had thought to mark their ball with some kind of identifying feature. Now there is no way of knowing which ball belonged to which golfer. So there you have it. Maybe can be a legitimate answer to the query of a hole-inone. If I was these guys I would change my answer a little. They could say perhaps. Or they could say quite possibly. Who am I kidding? If it was up to me, I would take the benefit of the doubt. You bet I have would be a somewhat legitimate answer.

SAVE S AVE $$$$$ $$$$$ SAVE SAVE

Each Eagle Golf Pass Contains

Over 25 courses 7 discounted rounds PER COURSE First round at 50% off reg. price of green fee & cart.

Next two rounds at 30% off reg. price of green fee & cart.

Next four rounds at 20% off reg. price of green fee & cart.

That is a total of OVER 150 discounted rounds in each EAGLE GOLF PASS!





To order yours go to or call 419-778-9553

Cherokee Hills Golf Club...........Bellefontaine Delphos Country Club...............Delphos Shady Grove Golf Course.........Findlay (18 hole par 3) Loudon Meadows Golf Club......Fostoria Veterans Memorial Park Golf Club. .Kenton Colonial Golfers Club................Lima Hawthorne Hills Golf Club.........Lima Lost Creek Golfers Club.............Lima Springbrook Golf Club..............Lima Tamarac Golf Course................Lima Arrowhead Golf Club................Minster Birch Run Golf Club..................North Baltimore Country Acres Golf Club...........Ottawa Pike Run Golf Club....................Ottawa The Seneca Hills Golf Club. . . . . . . .Tiffin Fallen Timbers Fairways............Waterville Ironwood Golf Course...............Wauseon Prairie View Golf Club..............Waynesfield For a full listing of participating courses please visit our website GolfGuide ‘14

Page 21

Bet you can’t top this hole-in-one story

for a very unusual par. Maybe one of you has Correspondent done that, but my tendency is to head for the Tiffin’s Bob Oder is a drop area. great guy and a pretty fair On another occasion, golfer. He has recorded more than one hole-in-one Oder was playing a similar in his career, but he has hole and again proceeded also done something that to dump his tee shot into perhaps no other golfer the drink. He teed up anhas accomplished. Again, other ball and unfortunately got the same result. let me explain. He was playing a He is now seething a little, course one time that fea- but undeterred he puts yet tured a par-3 that was all another ball on the tee and carry over a body of water. guess what? If you think Oder teed up his ball, but he holes that shot out you mishit it and the ball found would be correct. His the bottom of the pond. At scorecard will show a douthis point most golfers ble bogey 5 for the hole. would go to the drop area, Now Odes likes to but not Odes. look at things a little difHe stayed on the tee, ferently. According to put another ball down and Bob Oder he has a hole-inpromptly holed the shot one, a hole-in-three and a BY AL STEPHENSON

Sycamore Hills Celebrates 50 Years!

hole-in-five! This is a record of sorts that may never be topped as most golfers would take a different approach to the situation – including me.

After one shot in the water, I am likely to head to the drop area and holing that shot will be tough because I am unhappy. If I did stay on the tee and hit a second shot into the drink, I might just move on to the next hole. For sure, to have the concentration to hit that good a shot after a couple of, well, not so good efforts, is unique indeed. Congrats Odes, this is an accomplishment that you can be proud of.

Sycamore Hills Golf Club wasn’t always the 27-hole challenging course that it is today. In 1964, brothers Doug and Wayne Michael opened the first 9 holes after transforming that land from family farm land. Cautious optimism paved the way for many changes over the years, beginning with the next 9 holes opening in 1967, cart paths, and banquet hall construction in 1992. Planning the final 9 began in 1994 with the acquisition of the adjacent property, and opened in 1996. This addition prompted the rearrangement of the existing Front and Back nines to include the new holes, creating the Blue, White, and Red courses. In the past several years, new tee boxes that provide for a shorter course have been created, drainage has been and is continuing to be improved, and many cosmetic and landscaping efforts are underway. The flexible three 9-hole course layout allows newer golfers a little more time to learn the game, and gives those on a more demanding time schedule the luxury to play at a quicker pace. Our full service pro shop can assist with club fitting, purchasing, and repair, and excels in its price competitiveness and quality service. Sycamore Hills GC has been rated Sandusky County’s “Best of the Best” golf course, and provides for a great venue and best value for golf outings, leagues, and business and social gatherings of all kinds. Over the years, the facility has hosted major State Elks and Eagles tournaments, as well as various fundraisers that help benefit the local economy. Sycamore Hills has also been a member and has hosted Toledo Junior Golf Association tournaments for the past 50 years. The course is currently operated by Doug Michael, Jr. and Tony Michael, sons of Doug and Wayne. To learn more about our facility, visit We are looking forward to our 50th year in business and a promising 2014, with many more great years to come! 3728 West Hayes Avenue, Fremont, Ohio 43420 Page 22

GolfGuide ‘14

Sycamore Hills Golf Club 3728 West Hayes Avenue, Fremont, Ohio 43420

4 Play and Ride 18 Weekdays $100 or Weekends $110 C a l l fo r t e e t i m e a v a i l a b i l i t y ( 419 ) 3 3 2 - 5716 Va l i d t h r u 8 / 31 / 14

Sycamore Hills Golf Club 3728 West Hayes Avenue, Fremont, Ohio 43420

4 Play and Ride All Day $140 Fri., Sat. or Sun. C a l l fo r t e e t i m e a v a i l a b i l i t y ( 419 ) 3 3 2 - 5716 Va l i d t h r u 8 / 31 / 14

GolfGuide ‘14

Page 23

GGet e t YYour o u r ““KEY” K E Y ” FFrom rom R REINEKE EINEKE

Visit Us Online At:


Reineke Ford, Inc.

1303 Perrysburg Rd. Fostoria • 419-435-7741 • 1-800-531-2613 Mon & Thurs 8:30-8:00 Tues, Wed & Fri 8:30-6:00 Sat 8:30-3:00


Reineke Nissan

1350 N. Cable Rd. Lima • 419-227-7400 • 1-888-366-2506 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 9:00-8:00, Fri 9:00-6:00, Sat. 9:00-3:00


Reineke Motors, Inc. 1045 E. Wyandot Ave. Upper Sandusky • 419-294-2386 • 800-589-8079 Mon & Thurs 8:30-8:00 Tues, Wed & Fri 8:30-6:00 Sat 8:30-3:00

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Reineke Ford-Lincoln

12000 Twp Rd. 99, Findlay • 419-422-1661 Mon-Thurs 8:30-8:00 Fri 8:30-6:00 Sat 8:30-4:00


Reineke Ford-Lincoln of Lima

1360 Greely Chapel Rd. Lima • 419-223-3673 Mon & Thurs 7:30-8:30 Tues, Wed & Fri 7:30-6:00 Sat 7:30-5:00


Reineke Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram 207 W. Water St., North Baltimore • 855-497-5272 Mon & Thurs 7:30-7:00 Tues, Wed, Fri 7:30-6:00 Sat 8:30-2:00

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