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Litter Condition in Turkeys Leg Strength in Broilers Role of feed investigated Incubation plays a role Plus much, much more..! Site The Regional News, Company News, Events in Your Area POULTRY Digital Expert Knowledge at your Fingertips August 2011 - Issue 8 Impacts of Nutrition on Health and Welfare Explored Studies on the effects of feeding and nutrition on poultry health and welfare formed a common theme at this year's WPSA UK Branch Meeting in Nottingham in April. Jackie Linden, senior editor of ThePoultrySite, reports. Lameness in poultry is a major concern for the industry due to its negative implications for both bird welfare and productivity levels, explained Fiona Short of Nottingham Trent University in the introduction to her paper reporting two experiments looking at the effects of a novel form of dietary silicon supplement in reducing lameness in poultry (1). The results of the first indicated that the supplement has the capacity to reduce lameness in broilers and hence silicon may have a role in improving bird welfare. Using the highest level of inclusion (1,000ppm), clearly fewer birds were unable to stand than the other treatments and more of them stood without encouragement. The second trial demonstrated that the silicon was easily absorbed as the serum silicon concentration was dose-dependent. Overall, the researchers con- cluded that the novel form of silicon supplementation has high bioavailability. Larger-scale studies are needed to substantiate its potential role as a commercial supplement for reducing the incidence of lameness in broilers, they added. Bristol University scientists have been examining the possibility of using diets with additional ω-3 fatty acids as a means to improve bone strength and reduce keel bone fractures in laying hens. These fractures are a significant welfare issue, explained Dr Michael Toscano, as evidence has been found of new or old breaks in up to 70 per cent of free-range hens (2). Continued on page 4... 1

The PoultrySite Digital - August 2011 - Issue 8

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