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Jan 10 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5 F R E E NEW AND OF INTEREST 4 Local Author 18 The Vows of Silence: A Simon Serrailler Mystery Murder in Merry Old England Page 6 The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart Grossbart is a geat debut Page 8 Expanded Sequential Art 20 Page 11 Subversive With a Smile By Terry Bisson PM Press, $12.00, 121 pages 24 Terry Bisson is one of the sharpest short story writers in science fiction today. Under his watchful eye, the country of England has journeyed across the ocean, Death has taken a vacation, and insightful ATMs have offered advice to their customers. Now he tackles the Left Behind series with his tongue-in-cheek satire The Left Left Behind, looks at a world where born-agains, afternoon talk show hosts, world leaders, CEOs, celebrities, and right-wingers have been raptured, and a small group of survivors forms a band while they ride out the Tribulation. Bisson spins the entire genre on its head with his ending, offering more than a few laughs along the way. Also included is Special Relativity, a one-act play where Albert Einstein, Paul Robeson, and J. Edgar Hoover find themselves at a political rally. Concluding with an interview with Bisson, The Left Left Behind captures the rebellious spirit and creative vision handily, even if the stories featured aren’t among the author’s best. Reviewed by Glenn Dallas Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage An inspirational page-turner Page 16 Bloodworks: Sleeves A tattoo masterpiece! Page 23 107 Reviews INSIDE!

San Francisco Book Review - January 2010

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