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VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4 F R E E NEW AND OF INTEREST 13 The Sower The Sower reaps a good tale Page 7 Holiday Gift Guide Six pages of gift ideas! Page 13 Civil War Wives Three Kinds of Strength: Civil War Wives Page 19 15 Extreme Cuisine: Exotic Tastes from Around the World Bon appetit, if you dare! Page 26 Green Metropolis 20 Go green gone wild Page 27 The Christmas Magic By Lauren Thompson, Illustrated by Jon J. Muth Scholastic, $16.99, 40 pages 30 I love this time of year, as Christmas draws near. You are reminded of the joys of giving, having family around, and the smells of wonderful dinners cooking away. I didn’t quite find that magic in The Christmas Magic. The story doesn’t read with the right kind of flow. Muth’s illustrations are lovely and surely keep the reader turning the page to see the next. The story keeps mentioning that the “magic” is drawing near, but never really explains it. Though Santa is the main character, the elves and Mrs. Claus are absent. This isn’t quite what I’d expect a children’s Christmas story should be, especially since so many classics have come before around this holiday. Reviewed by Jennifer LeBrun Whole Earth Discipline A breath of fresh air Page 27 Angels I’m not in this book... Page 32 109 Reviews INSIDE!

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