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July 2010 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 11 F R E E NEW AND OF INTEREST 5 How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly It’s never too late Page 2 The Invisible Bridge 14 18 A romantic elegy to Hungarian Jewry in historical fiction Page 5 Confederate Reckoning Diverse and healthy for the grill By Johnathon King Chronicle Books, $19.95, 144 pages 21 A book for healthy grilling all year? Living in sunny California--where the outdoor barbecue is used spring, summer, autumn, and sometimes in between winter rain showers—I knew this book belonged on my counter, pages open and liberally sprinkled with cracked pepper. Having reviewed Stonewall Kitchen books before, I was nonetheless impressed with this diverse piece as well as its focus on tasty-yet-good-for-you dishes, all written down with a reverence for outdoor cooking. The Lamb-Mint Sliders were a hit with our family, served with a grilled summer squash salad with tomatoes and lemon-mint vinaigrette. The pistachio-lime butter worked wonderfully as a glaze on chicken breast, not only imparting the delicious flavor of California nuts but the lime zest seemed to sprint alongside with its tangy freshness. Not neglecting the side dishes, King, Stott and Gunst included some delightfully healthy recipes designed to compliment the seared flavors of the hot food and so without See GRILLING, page 2 A fascinating look on the true face of the Confederate States of America Page 8 Swords & Dark Magic: The New Sword and Sorcery Strahan and Anders Weave Potent Magic Page 17 82 Reviews INSIDE!

San Francisco Book Review - July 2010

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